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The project works in 3 counties namely Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi County. The target group in these three counties are women since they are the most at risk in violence extremism evidence being seen when these women are affected with the choices their husband’s, sons and brothers make in joining the illegal groups in the name of fighting for the religion. Women in these areas have gone through interrogation from the police and all forms of harassments in such for his son or husband..

It’s painful and sad after all the hardship she had to endure their sons, husbands or brothers end up dead in some country .The reasons for their recruitment is not about poverty or unemployment anymore since those recruited are educated and literate so ideologically illegal groups are messing around with their minds. This has stressed up women in these counties since their major support in their lives were there sons or husbands and now they have no one to depend on.

This Project works to assist the women who have undergone trauma and distress, after the loss of their husbands’ and sons’ who were breadwinners of their families. With the Therapy and Counseling that we offer to the women, we link them up with micro finances to enable them be self-reliant..


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Coast Education Centre (COEC) is a non profitable organization based at the Coast of Kenya. The Organization operated as a community based organization since 2009.

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